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Come and work with your company at AtoomClub Amsterdam A10, it gives you energy.

With a membership of AtoomClub Amsterdam A10 you have access to a full-service workstation with a chair and a sitting / standing desk. You can rent as little as from one month, but of course it’s also possible to rent for longer periods. The minimum period of one month contributes to the cohesion of the AtoomClub community.

AtoomClub Amsterdam A10 consists of seven floors. Currently we accommodate approximately 20 companies in the Amsterdam office.

In the common areas are many facilities available to facilitate planned and “spontaneous” encounters. All regular service costs (electricity, gas, cleaning, etc.) are included. So no separate billing for the service costs and no surprises afterwards.

Looking for a workstation? At AtoomClub Amsterdam A10 you have two options:

  • Office unit
  • Custom office

Here we have all of the available units classified with a number of workstations based on the national health and safety standards.

Based on this normative number of work stations, the unit price is determined. The price per seat is € 250, -. Depending on the size of the unit and the desired rental period we can provide additional incentives on for example lunch, cleaning of the own unit, shared use of the parking spaces or customised building package. Pricing for each of the units is shown in this table.


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