Meetings are increasingly the main reason to go to the office. At AtoomClub you have access to several attractive meeting rooms. Formal consultations? Then use the meeting rooms where you can meet in peace. An informal consultation? That could take place in the AtoomCafé, on the terrace outside or on one of the sofas. There’s enough space, just choose the place where you get the most inspiration!

POWER: the capabillity to use at least 6 possible locations through the Netherlands

As a member of AtoomClub you are entitled to 5 free reservations of meeting rooms per year in your own and other locations of AtoomClub and those of its sister organization oVVice. This allows you to use as many as six different locations in the Netherlands and this number will continue to grow. How to book your meeting space then? That’s very simple, just use our special app ‘Power’.

And what if your credits for the 5 free reservations are consumed? Then you get a discount of 50% on these reservations!

Meetingrooms Amersfoort/Utrecht/Amsterdam