Dynamic in an office is good for creativity and productivity

This energy you can get when you enter the AtoomClub. You won’t find the predictable business look that you often encounter in business centers here. But you’ll feel at home immediately at AtoomClub through the warm, friendly welcome, the close-knit community and the different spaces. Just like home. That homely feel gives everyone at the AtoomClub instant energy.

AtoomClub has no standard office look. It’ss an exciting, adventurous environment. With room for spontaneous meetings, so colleagues can easily brainstorm with each other or socialize. These areas are located in different places in AtoomClub. We made conscious choices in designing AtoomClub to ensure that employees are encouraged to move through the building. This is not only healthy, it also stimulates the creativity and effectiveness of employees. Read more about that in a study that Reuters has done about this.

Healthy working with sit/stand desks

Everyone knows it: exercise is healthy. And we’re not talking about an hour per week exercise in the gym or an afternoon on the tennis court. Who really wants to live healthy has to move at ‘moderate intensity’ at least 150 minutes per week. Half an hour per day. But how do you do that if you have a sedentary job? AtoomClub thinks with you.

The workstations at AtoomClub are standard equipped with sit/stand desks. A sit-stand desk has a height adjustable desk. A deal like this promotes ergonomic work and thus reduces complaints as back pain, loss of concentration and RSI. You can change the desk flexibly from high to low. A sit-stand desk is a very convenient solution for people who want to get energy during their work.

Logical space for each task

An office should be responsive. That is to say that each space must have a logical function. Compare it to a house. If you’re tired, go to bed. Are you hungry, you make a sandwich. With an office this is also true; an office should provide answers to tasks that people perform during the day. In an office you want to be able to move freely and go to areas that currently meet most of your needs. AtoomClub provides this through having the right place for each function.

Openness gives energy

AtoomClub has an open structure. Workstations are located partially on open work floors, and also other areas are visible, with transparent walls, and accessible. This is important, because to get energy you need external stimuli. You get this the easiest if you’re not in an enclosed booth with no view of the public spaces. The openness of the AtoomClub encourages creativity and innovation of employees. And therefore productivity.

Sometimes not working

Working a lot of hours in a row is not good for your productivity. It is therefore important to ensure adequate breaks. AtoomClub encourages you to actively work and meet others. But also thought of relaxation. Visit the AtoomCafé, the pool table, the terrace or one of the informal seating areas. Sufficient relaxation stimulates the creativity and productivity of employees.

Productive meetings

At AtoomClub you can choose for sitting or standing meetings. With standing meetings you are more alert and make decisions faster. Your meetings will be more efficient and shorter. Try it and be surprised at how well having your meeting standing for your productivity!