Atoom Club is a place that gives entrepreneurs, customers and professionals energy

They get that energy from the homely decor, the friendly welcome, the close community and the variety of rooms, each with its own function and atmosphere.

The Atoom Club is an exciting, adventurous work environment that encourages creativity and productivity of professionals in various ways. Besides Utrecht and Amsterdam, we will open an Atoom Club at 3 different similar easily accessible locations in the Netherlands within the next two years.

Full Service

Full service workstations with flexible leases; 1 workstation per month to a custom-fitted floor.

All-in facilities

Use of all facilities is all inclusive, including parking, fiberglass connection, lunch, print and meetings.

Accessible location

Our Atoom clubs have a good car and public transport accessibility in combination with on site parking.


For our members, we have 3 different types of workstations: Element, Atoom & Molecular.

  • ELEMENT: Work on an open floor.
  • ATOOM: Unit with at least two workstations.
  • MOLECULE: A private unit of at least half a floor.

All workstations and a number of meeting rooms are designed as a sit / stand areas, this means with in height assessable furniture. This promotes ergonomic working and gives a nice dynamic with lots of movement. Sitting is the New Smoking.


The more formal consultations can be held in one of our meeting rooms. The informal consultations in our Atoomcafé, on our terrace or on one of the launch sofas. Or in our gaming room near the pool table or at the fireplace next to the TV.


Atoom Club offers among others the following facilities:

  • Plug and play workplace
  • Daily surprising lunch
  • Use of meeting rooms
  • Tasty coffee
  • Multifunctionals
  • Fiberglass connection and WIFI
  • Private parking
  • Telephone service from 08:00 to 18:00
  • 24/7 access with own access card
  • Also regular service charges are included in the price (energy and cleaning)